Admission through Farmers Quota

Reservations for the candidates coming from families of Agriculturists cum Rural area:

“Forty percent of the seats in Agricultural Engineering course is reserved for candidates coming from families of Agriculturists actually engaged in and owning not less than 3 acres of land and who have studied for a minimum of 4 years in schools located in Non-Municipal areas. Candidates seeking admission under this category should produce a certificate in Form 3 of application containing patta numbers and extent of land obtained from a Revenue Officer not below the rank of Mandal Revenue Officer of the Mandal Concerned or a certificate copy of Pattadar Pass Book issued by the Mandal Revenue Officer and also a Certificate in Form 4 of Application from the Heads of Institutions that the candidate has studied for a minimum period of four years in Schools located in Non-Municipal areas during their period of study from 1st class to 12th class (Intermediate).

*Note: "If the certificates as prescribed referred above are not filled in Proforma in the application form duly signed by the concerned Head of Institution or officer mentioned above along with office seal, the claim of the candidates under this category will be rejected.